CMS Drive Websites

Users will like to visit your website again and again, if your website has the precise and relevant information presented in best way. For the best presentation and management for your content you require a dependable team for delivering effective creation, edition, publishing and most importantly the representation of your content on the web.

Content management solutions developed by SUNNO provide efficient ability for our customers to control their own web site; how the content should look? And how they prefer to structure content on it?

  • Effectiveness Information when required
  • Pleasant interactive user experience
  • Quick and easy
  • Accountability of content

Every person has different need from each other and like wise organizations have their different needs. Every organization requires their content to be managed in a unique way. We understand, well enough, what are the requirements and provide right solution which will balance with your business requirements and allocated finances.

CMS Features

  • Powerful Editing Tools to create, edit and publish user friendly key words like "Edit this page" fully compatible with Internet Explorer and Firefox versions
  • Authors regardless of their programming skills or technical know how can Create and Publish Content
  • Different users can edit contents based on "rights" over access
  • Different groups of visitors can view same content in different ways depending upon their interest
  • "Rights" over access and security of contents is recognized and provided
  • Content can be set or removed on scheduled date and time
  • Easy Attachment of files like PDF, Audio, Video and different images. Files and directories can be edited as per requirement
  • Any human capacity of making version disorder is strictly matched and prevented, ensuring Version Control
  • Proper backup in form of archives is provided for safe guard of your precious information.
  • Cross links are managed and properly structured protecting against broken or failed links
  • Content optimization by identifying and using effective keywords, descriptions and titles for indexing and searching options.