Database Development

Databases provide flexible data retrieval, storage and manipulation processes. Business processes based on database-driven solutions are much more efficient and productive and they have effective business information management. So having these great advantages like data structuring and processing on your side that databases offer, SUNNO devotes development of client-server and web-based applications to provide its clients efficient and effective solutions that suite their business needs and requirements. SUNNO has solid experience with the following databases: MySQL, MSSQL, Oracle, DB2, PostgreSQL and MS Access.

SUNNO database development and programming services include:

Investigation and Planning

The first step in database development is that business analysts at SUNNO study the whole scenario and identify customer needs to understand the required application capacities. Based on these studies the plan is designed to deliver appropriate solution architecture.

Data Modeling

Database logical schemas, relations in database entities are developed by our professionals based on their study that what of types of data a database may encounter in future to ensure the database reliability and optimum performance.

Workflow and User Analysis

Database tiers, user roles and rights according to clients need and database logics are determined by our database professionals to ensure database performance and reliability.

Capacity Strategy

The capacity of database has to plan with great care and the amount of data grows continuously so in result the data processing becomes a major issue. Professionals at SUNNO take great care of database's capacity strategy planning which includes space, standby facilities and performance optimization options.

Interface Design

A user friendly interface gives effective database administration and allows an easy approach to management of data. SUNNO designers give proper attention to this area and make sure database solutions are user-friendly.

Migration of Legacy Systems and Data

SUNNO provides effective integration of existing applications and data with newly developed database solution.

Post-Implementation Review

After all the steps are done, final integration and operations checkout is carried out just to ensure the effectiveness and seamlessness of application performance.

SUNNO provides a tailored-to-business-needs database-driven application. These applications offer tools needed for optimization of business performance and customer satisfaction.