Intranet / Extranet Development

Any organization's strategy depends on its ability of accessing critical information from the right place at the right time. Fortunately we have Internet Technology that can create a network of information management system. This information is not much of use unless it is converted into knowledge and for strong foundations of your corporate knowledge, further aim to provide you facilities such as project or document management, business-to-business extranet, decision support system, management information system and more. Our network applications help your work to be automated and streamlined. The information used in business process is centralized and ensures version control.

Our intranet/extranet development include:
  • Database engine design and development
  • Interface design and implementation
  • Programming
  • Content organization
  • Web services integration
  • Messaging solutions to support business processes and workflow

SUNNO has years of solid experience in web application development that delivers solutions to empower your organization. The organizations ability to share, distribute and manage data will be greatly enhanced.