How it works
What Streaming is and how to take full advantage of it.

If you want to send images, audio, video over a network than its better to stream your digital data as Streaming Media enables your digital data to feel play-on experience over a network. It does not matter what kind of network you are using the viewer receives a continuous uninterrupted broadcast of your media files.

How Streaming Media is Distributed.

Like in every network there is server so this Streaming Media data is broadcasted by a server over a network or targeted transmission to audience that might be using a PC or any other device like cellular phone or palm tops (PDA). Streaming media allows advance caching of data as much as a network allows and give experience of play-on, also it allows downloading and viewing files at same time with no file physicals on client's device without letting user know of any disconnection, if happens.

What sort of content can be streamed?.

SUNNO can stream any media in any acceptable format, no matter it is audio or video, either it is stored on film reels or it is saved in your computer in MPEG format.

Who can benefit from Streaming Media?

Streaming Media is for everyone, if you are advertiser or trainer it helps, whether you are sharing loving memories to your friends or showing demos of your project to your boss, it benefits all who use it.

How SUNNO can help you.

At SUNNO, a wide range of services are provided from video encoding to hosting of your multimedia content over network. Our highly skilled and trained staff is always available at every step to optimize your media message potential.

  • Professional customer service staff
  • Support Media Formats
  • Scalability
  • Performance
  • Redundancy