Windows Media

With other media tools we use Windows Media 9 series streaming for our Streaming Media services.

Our professionals deliver high quality that ensures industry standards and certified with industry certifications. Standard Features are as follows:

  • Statistics and Reporting
  • Marketing Tools
  • Redundancy supported
  • Windows Server Platform
  • Technical Support
  • Stream in All Formats: Windows Media, Quicktime, and Real

Windows Media 9 Series's Fast Streaming technologies give an instant playback experience for broadband. Windows Media 9 Series Fast Streaming brings out three innovative technologies:

Fast Start – Remove buffering time and deliver an instant playback experience.Fast Cache – With Windows Media 9 Series server, Windows Media Player caches the stream in advance and reduces chances of an interruption due to network problems. Fast Reconnect - Automatically restores live, if disconnected, without displaying an error and quitting. Most users never know that player was disconnected at times.