Live Event Streaming

SUNNO provides a very uncommon facility of Live Event Streaming. If you have any live event going on, it can be broadcasted over network using any standard format of audio or video or simply called Live Event Streaming, where ever your audience is over network using internet connection. Audio, video and quality are preserved in best way by using SUNNO streaming services and viewers all over the world can become part of the event. Live Event Streaming brings you greater number of happy audience and greater message impact in a limited time and unlimited space.

Successful Broadcasts

Broadcasting a Liven Event is not an easy task any beginner can stream it but the audio/video quality would be devastating. It requires years of experience and proper planning. At SUNNO our professionals are aimed to broadcast at its best quality and maximum viewer experience. There should be no hurdles between streamed event and your viewers, the whole process should be smooth and easy. At this place three things should be taken cautiously:

  • Network Capacity
  • Server Capacity
  • Audience Capabilities

Network Capacity

Broadcast of any live event is dependent on how much upload/download speed an Internet connection can offer; especially in case of Live Event Broadcast the bandwidth of your connection can be decisive.

What type of connection is available at the location or at end user?

Has the connection been tested?

Check for redundancies and backup for Internet connection?

What is the maximum upload/download speed/bandwidth?

Server Capacity

It is very important to know the server capacities for broadcasting your live event by streaming; What kind of servers you are using to broadcast Live Event Streaming , what kind of hardware and software are being utilized. Live Event Broadcast can be handled efficiently by using Microsoft Windows 2003 and RedHat.

Audience Capabilities

It is very important to consider the connection capabilities of your audiences because it is your audience that will be viewing your media and happy user experience will ensure their repetitive visits or the impact of your message.

What kind of connection they are using: is it dial up or broadband?

What kind of operating system they use?

What kind of media players they user?

Live Event Streaming Uses

For Live Event Streaming you can have as many reasons as you like because it is used in such a wide variety. It gives you the power of just putting any live event over the network regardless of where your audiences are in the world. Either its birthday party or you're first born or you are presenting your idea for the best offer. A lecture or a sporting event or your company's employee training or latest product announcements all can be broadcasted using our Live Event Streaming services. Live Event Streaming can make far-off family members and friends share their loving moments as if they are together. If you have an event and you want to broadcast it to your audience than SUNNO is reliable partner you can count on.